The ‘Greenland on the rocks’ campaign

In November 2020, Norse Theme Parks – a company specialising in Viking- inspired fact/fantasy experiences will be holding an exhibition in Greenland’s capital, Nuuk. Entitled ‘The Lost Norsemen’, and created in collaboration with Immersive Content Specialists Trida Media, this event explores the lifestyles and disappearance of the original Norse settlers. We have utilised advanced 360-degree audio-visual film technology to capture nine fascinating areas in Southern Greenland.

One of the main reasons for creating this exhibition was a unique article describing the discovery in Greenland of the remains of a small, boat-shaped stone hut containing articles as diverse as reindeer antlers, a sheep’s tooth, walrus tusks, a pouch containing game pieces, and the remains of a copper pot. These items could have belonged to a Viking Seeress who may have used them for magic rituals – an element which appealed to NTP’s fascination with Norse Mythology.

The mythical twist in this fascinating story generated an exhibition concept designed to introduce potential tourists to the magic of southern Greenland, thereby supporting tourism both locally and internationally. COVID19 might still be forcing parts of the world to its knees, but 360-degree virtual safaris can still allow people to experience first-hand views of spectacular sights, just like local residents.


Hospitable in the inhospitable

When NTP’s film crew visited Greenland to collect footage of the nine destinations, they discovered that – in an often-inhospitable environment – the inhabitants were exceedingly hospitable. These individuals work tirelessly to attract tourists to this frosty pearl, building small start-up businesses, creating adventures and selling art, crafts and culinary experiences.

Learning about this made the team at NTP – also a risk-taking start-up company – even more determined to make a big splash in November with this goodwill campaign. It will run from June 8th to June 21st, which happens to be Greenland’s National Day.

As well as showcasing some of the nine sights for our The Lost Norsemen exhibition, the Greenland on the Rocks campaign features four amusing gimmicks and features, where viewers can interact or position themselves – selfie-like – in some of the best locations in Greenland. Since travel is currently virtually impossible, NTP is offering viewers a unique opportunity to hop into the virtual world from the comfort of their home.


We would like to thank the following companies and individuals whose efforts have been a great help:

Air Greenland
Royal Artic Line
Greenland National Library, Nuuk
Katuaq, Culture House, Nuuk
Storch Lund, Polar-tut Narsarsuaq

Mãnguak, Jesper, Alibak, Maria, Miki, Sarah, Niels – just a handful of the supportive locals!